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SANTEGRA® products.

Alfalfa, Arthromil, Bee Royal, Black Walnut, BoostIron, Burdock, Camosten, CardioPhyt, Chlorophyll Forte, CoQ10, Cranalon, Echinacea, ElmiGone, Essential C-curity, Exclzyme, EsPress Essentials, Fish Oil, FluGone, FortiFi, Gemalon, Ginkgo Forte, Glucosamine Forte, Gotu Kola, Hydrangea, L.Acidophilus, Lecithin, Licorice, LiverPro, MenoFix, Norwegian Kelp, Osteo Complex, Passion Flower, Pau d'Arco, PerFem Forte, PrioriTea, LactoBi, Probiotic complex, Red clover, Refungin, SaniTea, Sanoprost, Shields'Up, S;eemil, Ultivit, Ultivit kids, Una se Gato, VAG forte, Vision Forte, Wild Yam.  


Santegra’s dietary supplements can help replenish the deficit of vitally important nutrients and strengthen the body. They are highly effective, non-addictive, and do not have side effects.

We are proud of our unique product formulas. Santegra’s products are created according to the newest scientific research and the traditional use of medicinal herbs. Santegra’s dietary supplements are manufactured using high quality pure raw materials and technology that ensures all their beneficial properties intact, in strict compliance with GMP and TÜV regulations.

All Santegra Global products are divided into five categories according to their action:
1. Esenza – purification products. Body purification is the first major step to good health.
2. Formata – exclusive products created to prevent illness, strengthen the body, and promote good health.
3. Classique – natural products – a combination of unique old recipes and latest achievements in nutritional science.
4. First choice – a “must have” in your home for safe and effective first aid.
5. Prescripta – strong and effective products created using the latest scientific achievements, unique ingredients, and newest technologies.

It is not simple to verify the quality of a specific product. It’s important to know that all of Santegra products are manufactured in the USA in strict compliance with GMP standards and regulations.



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